​​Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc.

A Company Dedicated To Delivering High Quality Products Worldwide

Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc., is a solid experienced supplier of North Atlantic and Pacific Northwest/Alaskan Seafood Products. We offer, both frozen at sea and shore frozen and serve all international markets, such as Asia, Europe and North America.

Our close partnerships and joint ventures with long liners, trawlers and shore processors, gives us an exceptional access to substantial quantities of North Atlantic and Pacific Northwest/Alaskan Seafood Products that guarantees ongoing stable supplies of cod, haddock, sole & flounders, pollock, redfish, both Greenland and Alaskan halibut, crab, shrimp, salmon and many other fine seafood species from the pristine cold waters of the Northern oceans.

Our Vision

Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc., is recognized as “Source Supplier” of frozen seafood by delivering fish and seafood directly in co-operation with our selected vessels and factory processing partners. 
It is our obligation to always secure the highest quality products, offering on-time delivery from ocean to destination serving our valuable customers worldwide.

VIP Service – Vested in Partnership

We built Atlantis Equencia Canada Inc. on Integrity, Quality and Exceptional Service.

Our Partnerships and Long-term Marketing Agreements are only shaped with suppliers that have our same High Standards and Philosophy ensuring customers that they will always receive the Highest Quality Seafood Products and Service.